I am new to this and am not sure what questions to ask about software.

This is such a common situation, that we have put together a number of suggestions for you. Be sure to read our suggestions on some Do's and Don'ts when interacting with a software representative from any company....including ours!.  In fact, we have made a comfortable questionnaire that you can fill out in the privacy of your own office or home to determine what software would be best for you.  There is no need to ask a representative what you should purchase, simply click the Needs Assessment button above and answer the simple yes/no questions in our questionnaire to find out our suggestion for what software would best fit your requirements.


How much does your Technical Support cost?

Our Technical Support is FREE.  We do not have any mandatory maintenance or annual fees for any purchased software.  Unlike some of our competitors who restrict support calls to 5 per year, or charge each time you call for support, we have no such restrictions or fees.  Our philosophy is very simple:  once you purchase our software, we do not hold you or your business hostage by requiring you to pay annual support fees or fees per incident!  We will help you whether you are current on our software or not.  If you have the current version of our software, which we prefer and strongly suggest, then you qualify for email support, telephone support, and remote support where we access your computer and show you how to solve whatever problem you are having.  If you have an old version of our software, and do not wish to use the current version, then you qualify for email support where we try to resolve whatever problem you may have.  But in either case, the technical support is Free! 


What if my computer crashes?  How much will it cost me to get the software on another computer?

Since 1986, when we first began our business, Cabinet Pro LLC has never charged anyone to re-download, re-install, and re-register Cabinet Pro or Door Pro onto another computer after a computer crash of some sort. 


How does Cabinet Pro or Door Pro compare with your competitors' programs?

Please read our Guide to Purchasing Software for a generic answer to this question.  Our Standard Policy is that we do not comment on the software of our competitors, especially if the competitor is not present.  Our software is marketed and sold on its own merits, not on what we might consider to be our competitors' shortcomings.  In general, it is your job to compare the various features of our software with those of our competitors.


If I were to ask you customers their opinion of Cabinet Pro, what would they say?

Please click the link below to read our Letters of Recommendations for an answer to this question.


Does Cabinet Pro or Door Pro use "keys", or "dongles"?

Absolutely not!  Not in the past, not today, and not in the future.  For more on this subject, click here.


Do you offer a rental program?

Yes.  We offer simple rentals with very low rates. See our various rental options But Cabinet Pro LLC also offers its software at various purchasing options and at truly affordable prices.  So even though we provide rentals and even though technical support is free with all of our rentals and all purchases, our Purchasing options are still more economical in the long run.  In general, purchasing software is always more economical over time than renting software.  One of our competitors, for example, charges about $2,000 for the first 3 months to rent their CNC software, and then $3,600 per year after that. Over a 5-year period you would be spending $20,000 for just the rental fee....and still own nothing!  Although we do not charge anything close to that, our purchase options are still a better buy in the long run than renting.


Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free Test Drive, not a free trial.  What is the difference?  With a Test Drive, you will receive instant personalized instruction, immediate answers to your concerns, and will see for yourself precisely how Cabinet Pro or Door Pro will or will not meet your demands.  If you are in the market for software to operate your business, chances are that you have already downloaded someone's free trial, installed it onto your computer, and spent hours, days, or weeks trying to learn the software only to find that it did not meet your needs.  To avoid the tedious time-wasting aspect of testing software with trial versions, we have implemented the Online Test Drive instead, where you can see for yourself whether or not Cabinet Pro or Door Pro will meet your company's needs.


Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer a number of financial options for you to obtain our software in order to fit your individual budget.  Please click here to view the various Financial Options we offer.


Your competitors do not advertise their prices.  Why do you advertise your prices on your Website?

Have you ever been in the market for a car only to visit a car dealership where the sticker prices are not on the cars?  This is done so that you have to talk to a salesperson who then not only lets you know what the price of a car is, but he also begins the process of selling you a car and making sure you don't leave his dealership for another. It is called manipulation.  At Cabinet Pro LLC, our philosophy is different.  We want you to look at our demo, study the features of our software, and know that our prices are reasonable so that you are not manipulated to call us, but rather you are motivated to call us because you are interested in what you have seen and read about Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.


Why are your prices so low?

If it is true that "you get what you pay for", then one would simply purchase the most expensive software available.  But what if a given company had values that did not revolve around making the maximum dollar?  What if a company simply believed in developing an outstanding product, standing behind that product, and selling it at a reasonable price?  We at Cabinet Pro LLC have always had a different vision in mind than simply making money.  Our vision, since 1986, has been, and continues to be, to provide a very high quality software package at a very affordable price to as many people as possible.  We strive to keep our prices low by keeping our overhead down, our distributorships to a minimum, and our advertising costs reasonable.


Why do you charge for a 2nd or 3rd Post, or changing Posts, when they already exist?

How would you respond to one of your customers asking why you charge for making cabinets when your CNC router does most of the work?  You would probably tell your customer that you have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the purchase, setup, and upkeep of your CNC router that gets paid for little by little with each job that is processed. In precisely the same way, we include a Post Processor free of charge upon a purchase.  But it has cost thousands of dollars to produce those posts that will hopefully be eventually paid for little by little with each 2nd or 3rd post that is purchased, or when a post is changed from one to another.


Does Cabinet Pro allow both face frame and frameless construction?

Yes, Cabinet Pro allows both types of construction at no additional cost.


Can cutlists be switched from millimeters to inches and vice versa?

Each cutlist may be defined, per column, to show millimeters, fractional inches, or decimal inches.  In addition, all input screens and informational screens may be switched from mm to inches by the press of a button.


What are the main differences between Cabinet Pro and Cabinet Pro Lite?

You may view the different features of all of our programs by transferring to the Features page.  There you will see the main differences between the Standard Edition of Cabinet Pro and the Lite Edition.  Cabinet Pro Lite is not recommended for full time cabinet shops.


Can I make global changes in the material that is used for making cabinets?

Yes, including changes in material thickness.  Once material changes are made, the bid, cutlist, and CNC machining for all parts of the cabinet is re-calculated, since material thickness will definitely affect all of these areas.


Is Cabinet Pro like a CAD program where I can build anything that I may need?

No.  Although Cabinet Pro utilizes CAD in its design, and there are numerous ways in which cabinets can be customized, Cabinet Pro is basically a Cabinet Manufacturing software that concentrates on cabinets, doors, and drawers. CAD programs, such as AutoCAD, can draw just about anything.  But there are limitations as to what can be built with Cabinet Pro, as is true with any software.  Cabinet Pro concentrates on custom cabinets, countertops, and doors.  These tasks are performed quickly, efficiently, and accurately with Cabinet Pro. If you have concerns over an odd item that you may want to build, it is suggested that you request an online demo to make sure that the item you require can be built.


Does Cabinet Pro and Door Pro support CNC?

Yes, extremely well!  Cabinet Pro and Door Pro both support CNC machines by writing the CNC code that drills holes, makes dado cuts, bores large holes, cuts arches, and cuts out the parts themselves from raw panels.  And once the software is set up so that its CNC machining rules are defined, Cabinet Pro and Door Pro machine parts automatically and accurately to the point where it is truly awesome to watch. Cabinet Pro does not require another program to accomplish this!  The CNC code is written directly by Cabinet Pro (or Door Pro)!  See our descriptions of Cabinet Pro CNC and Door Pro CNC.


If Cabinet Pro CNC is set up to cut 5/8" wide dados on a part, what happens if my next batch of panels are really 11/32"?

Cabinet Pro CNC allows dado cut widths to be dependent upon the thickness of the part that will be in that dado.  So if your material thickness changes when you purchase a new batch of panels, the program will automatically adjust for the new thickness and your g-code will reflect the new dado width automatically without the need to change any of your CNC setup!  See our video on how Cabinet Pro automatically changes machining based upon thickness.


Are MDF doors supported by your CNC software?

Yes.  Both Cabinet Pro CNC and Door Pro CNC support the design and machining of MDF doors.  See our descriptions of how both Cabinet Pro CNC and Door Pro CNC process MDF doors.  You can also watch our video on machining MDF doors.


If I make changes on a cabinet, such as dimensions, number of openings, etc., will Cabinet Pro adjust the cutlist?

Yes, all cutlist reports are determined by the current cabinet definitions.  If you change anything about a cabinet, including its material, edgebanding, overlaps, etc, Cabinet Pro will re-calculate all data for cutlists, pricing, and CNC machining locations.


We make some of our parts a little larger than their finished dimensions.  Does Cabinet Pro support this?

Yes.  Cabinet Pro/Door Pro allows for both finished dimensions and machining dimensions.  For each part defined in the cutlist, you may tell the program to add or subtract a given amount from the width and length of that part in order to define how you want that part machined.


Does the cutlist take into consideration edgebanding for various parts?

Yes.  Each part can be defined to accept edgebanding on each of their edges.  Cabinet Pro/Door Pro then gives you the option to subtract the thickness of your edgebanding in the cutlist on each part that edgebanding is applied, if you so desire.  Be sure to watch our video on how CNC machining is automatically adjusted for edgebanding.


We use "heavy" and "light" designations because we only want to see 1/16ths on our cutlist.  Does Cabinet Pro and Door Pro support this?

Yes!  For example, on each cutlist you can define whether you want to designate a measurement like 3/32 as 1/16+, 1/8-, 3/32, or as a decimal.  Of course, you can also designate the measurements to be displayed as millimeters.


Can Cabinet Pro produce an accurate cutlist for truly custom cabinets?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions.  Cabinet Pro has developed since 1986 to address the various problems and needs associated with the truly custom cabinet shop.  One of our accomplishments since 1986 has been to not only produce accurate cutlists for custom cabinetry, but also to allow the user the ability to format those cutlists in a way that is most suited to his/her needs.  Be sure to watch our videos on generating cutlist reports.

Is Cabinet Pro easy to use?  Is it user friendly?

This question is hard to answer, because what is easy for one person might be very difficult for another.  We have had some customers tell us that Cabinet Pro is extremely easy to use, and have gotten a handle on the program within just a few days. Others have said it has taken a few weeks to  feel comfortable with the program.  Still others have, unfortunately, been unhappy with the program.  So the only thing we can say with certainty is that it will indeed take work to learn the program, that we have spent over 20 years in trying to make the program both functional and relatively straightforward to use, and that we have made a number of video tutorials as part of the program to make learning easier.   But the fact remains that Cabinet Pro is designed for making complicated custom cabinets according to your method of construction!  And the more a program of this type allows you to customize your cabinets, the greater the learning curve.  So learning Cabinet Pro will take work....but it will be worth it! 

Is additional Training necessary, and if it is, what is the cost?

In most cases, training in the use of any of the Standard versions of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro is not necessary.  In almost all cases with the purchase of any of the CNC versions of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, at least one or two days of one-on-one training is strongly suggested.  There are of course exceptions to these rules, but for the most part, formal training at additional cost is necessary for the CNC version, but is not necessary for the Standard (non-CNC) version.  You can read more about this suggested training, as well as its cost on our Company Policies page. 


Will you, Cabinet Pro LLC, set up Cabinet Pro's parameters for our shop?

In most cases, the answer to this is "no".  We will answer your questions, and train you if necessary, but the final responsibility of having Cabinet Pro or Cabinet Pro CNC perform as you require rests with you, the customer.  The only case where we will help you set up Cabinet Pro is during onsite training, where we can test firsthand the results of how Cabinet Pro is being setup.


I do not know much about computers.  Should I hire an outside I.T. professional?

Hiring an outside I.T. person to install or utilize Cabinet Pro or Door Pro would result in confusion and frustration and would therefore probably be one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  A person who is knowledgeable in computers but not in cabinetry and woodworking would be a liability in setting up Cabinet Pro rather than an asset.  On the other hand, a person who is knowledgeable in the way you make cabinets but is not knowledgeable in computers would eventually be a definite asset in setting up Cabinet Pro.  The reason for this is very simple: learning woodworking and cabinetry takes years to accomplish while learning the basics of computers to operate Cabinet Pro takes but a few days.  To prove this point, ask the I.T. person you may be thinking of hiring a few simple questions: 

1. What is the most common reveal at the bottom of a door in frameless cabinetry?  What is a reveal?
2. What is the width of a door that fits in a 10" opening where the door's overlay onto stiles is 1/2"?  What is a stile?

If your I.T. person fails in their answers to these simple questions, would you really want that person to set up cabinet-making software for your entire business?


If I buy Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, how will I learn how to use it?  Do you offer on site help?

Yes, on site help is available.  But what seems to help most people get up and running as soon as possible are the 400Mb of Video Tutorials that walk you through the use of various parts of the program.  These tutorials are shipped with the CD upon purchase.  In addition, not only do we offer general telephone and email support for relatively quick questions, but we also offer two hour blocks of one-on-one telephone support for in depth tutoring, at additional charge.  For those companies where time is of the essence, and getting Cabinet Pro set up quickly is high priority, we offer one-on-one onsite training.  You may sign up for one-on-one onsite help, or extended one-on-one telephone tutoring on our Company Policies page.  For both general technical support and training, we can link to your computer via high speed internet and operate the program while you watch, learn, and interact.  This service is like being at your location, without the expense! 


What is the difference between your offering of Technical Support and of Training?

Generally, the difference is that of time spent on your questions.  Technical Support consists of relatively short answers to questions you may have on the operation of our software, and is given by email, telephone, or online remote access to your computer.  Technical Support answers usually last from one to ten minutes.   Training, on the other hand, consists of one-on-one tutoring on the operation of our software given in one or two hour blocks of pre-scheduled time.  Generally, training is not required on the Standard Version for technical support can answer most questions that the training videos do not answer. However, at least one full day of training is strongly suggested for any of the CNC Versions. You can read more about our training, as well as its cost on our Company Policies page. 


How long have you been in business?

Cabinet Pro LLC has been developing and marketing software for the cabinet maker since 1986.  Read the history of Cabinet Pro LLC on our About Us page.


How do you rate with the Better Business Bureau?

We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and, while we have been in business since 1986, we have been accredited by the BBB since 2010.


Do I need both Cabinet Pro and Door Pro if I make my own doors in my cabinet shop?

Usually, the answer to this is no, you do not.  Cabinet Pro allows the user to make his/her own doors with full cut lists defining each part of all doors made. He may also obtain door reports that will allow him to order them from a door company.  The only reason one should purchase both Cabinet Pro and Door Pro is if your company produces not only cabinets, but also cabinet doors for other cabinet shops.


If I purchase Cabinet Pro without Pricing now, how much would it cost to add pricing later on when I am ready for it?

To upgrade to any program is simply the difference in price between the Current Regular Prices of the two programs in question.  If you purchased Cabinet Pro Standard without Pricing now, and decided to add pricing at a later date, the price would be the difference between Option 2 and Option 3 (of Cabinet Pro Standard).  The same is true for any other upgrade.  Read our specific policy on this issue.


Do I need to purchase Premium Graphics?

Most of our current customers are satisfied with the Standard OpenGL graphics that come with the Standard version of Cabinet Pro, since they only want to give their customers an idea of what their cabinets will look like.  However, if you require a more realistic-looking 3D Rendering of a kitchen, office, closet system, garage system, or whatever you will be designing, then you may want to purchase the Premium upgrade.  To see some examples of our Standard graphics vs. Premium Graphics, click here.











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