These screens are not available in all programs.  Make sure you view the Comparison Chart to know which features each program supports.  Click one of the pictures below to enlarge it.


Graphics Samples


3D Renderings
(Premium Graphics)



3D Renderings
(Standard Graphics)

Standard Graphics

Premium Graphics


Floor Plans

Pre-Packaged Cabinet Library included in Cabinet Pro
(Can be modified & expanded to suit your requirements.)




Shop Drawings  


Sample Cabinets  

Cutlist Reports




Single Cabinet Cutlist

General Cutlist (Consolidated by Parts)

General Cutlist (Tracked by Cabinet)

General Cutlist (Consolidated by Material

General Door Report (by Door)

General Door Report (by Parts)

Drawer Box Report

Lineal Foot Summary for Lumber (by Material)

Lineal Foot Summary for Panels (by Material)

Lineal Foot Summary for Lumber (by Parts)

Edgebanding Reports (Not Posted)

Door Hinge Reports

Part Labels

Cabinet Labels (Not Posted)

Panel Optimization & CNC


Panel Optimization Sample

Panel Optimization Variables

Optimization Options of Grouping Parts

Some CNC Possibilities: MDF Doors, Dado cuts, and Drilling Patterns


Financial Reports & Options



Supported Features

Material Costs
Accessory Costs
Hardware Costs
Cabinet Costs   
Installation Charges
Edgebanding Costs
Laminate Charges
Finishing Charges
Freight Charges
          Numerous User-Defined Costs per lineal foot
          Numerous User-Defined Charges

Material Markup
Accessories Markup
Hardware Markup
Door Markup   
Pricing as per Door Supplier
Labor Charges
CNC Usage Charges
Freight Charges
Automatic Deduction from Inventory

Sales Tax and other taxes
Customer Discount
Customer Payment History







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