See the instructions below if you prefer to send an email from your own email account or if you are requesting support for an old version.

















How to obtain Technical Support from your own Email Account

If we have the actual job that you are working on, and you have the most recent version of the program on your computer, it is much easier to solve whatever problem you are experiencing if you send us your job and your setup.  If you prefer using your own email program rather than the form above, please follow the directions below.  Remember:  if you are not using the most recent version of our software, you should download and install it before you send your job.

1. Access the OPENING SCREEN of either Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.

2. Access TOOLS MENU - BACKUP - Single Job Backup

3. After the process is complete, your backed up job will exist in C:\Cabinet Pro\Backup. For example, if the job you backed up was job number 5, then the name of the file that contains this job is JOB5.ZIP

4. You may now ATTACH or INSERT this file to an email and send it to Cabinet Pro LLC.

5. Exit out of the program, and go online with your email service.

6. Compose an email and address it to  
support@& (Do not include the "&" shown in this address.  It is included here for SPAM control.)

7. Write a message in your email that describes the problem you are having with your job, and make sure you place the word "support" in the subject line.  (To avoid viruses, we automatically delete all files that carry an attachment, unless the word support is in the subject line.).  Make sure you state the following in your email:

A.  State the cabinet name or number in the job you are sending that contains the problem you are experiencing.
B.  Describe the problem you are experiencing, and how to reproduce the problem you are experiencing.
C.  State the results that you are getting, and the results that you should be getting.

8. After you have written a message, AND BEFORE YOU SEND IT, look for a button or menu titled "Insert", "Attachments", "Attach File" , or something similar that will allow you to ATTACH A FILE to your email message.

9. Browse your folders and go to "My Computer\C:\Cabinet Pro\Backup". When you have opened the Backup folder under Cabinet Pro, you will see the job you backed up above. In our example above, the job that was backed up was JOB 5. The file that was made had the name JOB5.ZIP. When you open the Backup folder, you may only see the file as "JOB5", rather than as "JOB5.ZIP".  (This will be due to how you have set up your Windows Explorer.)  Attach this file, JOB5 or JOB5.ZIP, to your email.

10. After you have written your message describing the problem, and after you have attached the job file to your email, press the SEND button.

11.  If you are asking for support for an old version of our software, please include the Version Number you are using in the Subject Line, along with the word, "support".





















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