1.  Standard Technical Support via email is FREE for all versions of Cabinet Pro and Door Pro.  See details at our Company Policies page.
2.  Cabinet Pro does not have any mandatory maintenance or annual fees.  The fees below are optional and not necessary for your software to continue operating.
3.  The fees below are for Program Updates & Enhancements, as well as full in-depth technical support.

When you press any of the Buy Update buttons below, you will see a field of "Quantity".  Place the number 1 in this field unless you have more than the number of seats shown for each purchase.

Program Purchased

1 Year
(Current or Next Year)

2 Years
(Current and Last Year)

3 or more Years
(Current plus 2 or more Years behind)

Lifetime Updates & Support**
One-time fee for Life

Cabinet Pro or Door Pro Standard*
(All STD Options except Option 0)

$450 per 3 Seats

$1,075 per 3 Seats

$1,525 per 3 Seats

$2,650 per 3 Seats

Cabinet Pro or Door Pro CNC*
(All CNC Options)

$650 per 3 Seats

$1,475 per 3 Seats

$2,125 per 3 Seats

$3,950 per 3 Seats




Pro-Rated Fees for New Purchases

Note:  If you purchase during December, then your fee for the following year will be the pro-rated amount shown in the January row.








Pro-Rated Fees based upon Month & Specific Program Purchased
Month Purchased All STD Options All CNC Options Cabinet Pro Lite
January 412 593 206
February 375 539 187
March 337 485 168
April 300 431 150
May 262 377 131
June 225 323 112
July 187 269 93
August 150 215 75
September 112 161 56
October 75 107 37
November 37 53 18
December 0 0 0

Find your pro-rated fee that will allow program updates and Premium Technical Support until December 31 of this year, and then pay that amount by clicking the button below:

*See our Company Policies for details on our Update Policies.

**The Lifetime Update & Support option above is only available to those who are current on Yearly Update fees.

Please note:  Premium Technical Support is FREE and available only for the most recent version of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.  Old Versions qualify for FREE Standard Technical Support via email only.

















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