Why we offer low prices, but generally stay away from rentals

A rented software package, over the long term, adds to your overhead and becomes a never-ending expenditure where you own nothing but pay forever.  This kind of endless expense, while at the beginning is attractive, eventually becomes a source of irritation to the customer, which is one reason we do not offer rentals, but one: a unique purchase/rental of Cabinet Pro Option 6
.  Read the details of this unique option.


More reasons why purchasing at low prices is preferable to renting...

  After years of spending a lot on monthly rentals, you still own nothing.
  Typically, technical support for rented software is via email & user forums, and not as efficient as it is with purchased software.
  There are still additional costs with most rentals, such as technical support, training, and CNC Post Processors.
  A rental fee adds to your overhead.  And too much overhead can kill a business!
  Like owning a home, your tools, or your machines, ownership is always better than renting.
  Whether it is admitted or not, software companies pay more attention to a permanent owner than to a month-by-month temporary renter.
  Long Term Rentals can give the software company endless monthly revenue.  But they give you a monthly expense with no end.
  Purchased software generally consists of one price, paid once, and is tax deductible.
  If the software company is sold, then there is the possibility of new unexpected rental policies, and even cancellation.
  With purchased software, even if the software company is sold, your software will still operate because you do not need monthly codes.
  Generally, 6 months after most purchases, the financial impact is forgotten and not noticed.  Not so with rentals.
  A long term rental over 1 or 2 years is actually more expensive than purchasing!
  Renters are susceptible to Rental Increases (or even cancellation) at any time.
  Purchased software is a business asset since it is paid for; rented software is a business liability since it adds to monthly overhead.
  If you ever decide to sell your business, rented software will be considered a monthly liability, not as an asset.
  Cabinet Pro LLC has made every effort to have its prices be affordable and the lowest in the industry, thus making renting unnecessary.
  If you need low monthly payments, then a purchase of our low-priced software can be done with a Credit Card, where at least there will be an end to payments!
















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