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To re-install Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, perform the following steps:

0. Before beginning the process of uninstalling Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, perform a backup of your data.  Do this by accessing the Tools menu at the opening screen of the program, select Backup, and then Overwrite Today's Backup.  If anything goes wrong during the re-installation process, you will have safe-guarded your current data.

1. Access www.woodworkingsoftware.com

2. Click on the Downloads link at the top left portion of the main page of woodworkingsoftware.com

3. Click either the Full Program option, or one of the Last Updates available for the two previous years.  The Last Update for 2012, for example, is the full setup program for all of 2012.

4. Choose "Save to Disk", or whatever option your browser gives you, to save the file to your hard drive.

5. Browse your computer's folders and click on Desk Top. It is suggested that you download to your Desk Top because the downloaded program will be displayed as an icon and will be easy to find.

6. If the PROGRAM UPDATE version is different from the FULL PROGRAM version, then download that file also by pressing PROGRAM UPDATE. Remember to download that file to your DESKTOP also.  Note:  If this is a first-time installation, then do not download and install the Program Update.

7. When finished downloading, make sure you are NOT RUNNING Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.

8. Before installing the downloaded program, you must un-install the current program. Access your Control Panel and select the program that allows you to uninstall software from your computer.  Un-installing Cabinet Pro or Door Pro will not affect your data.  All jobs, construction methods, and other setups will remain intact.

9. Completely un-install Cabinet Pro and/or Door Pro. If the uninstall program asks to delete shared files, or any other files, answer "YES" to delete as much as possible. (The re-installation will replace those shared files.)

10. Double click the CPSetup.exe icon now showing on your desktop, and install as per screen directions. (Note:  If you are re-installing from a previous year, then your icon will be titled, CProXXXX.exe, where XXXX represents the previous year, such as 2012.)

11. If you downloaded the Program Update in Step 6 above, double click that icon and simply unzip the files when so prompted.

12. Delete all downloaded icons. You may delete them by first highlighting them and then pressing the DELETE button on your keyboard.

13. Start Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, and use the passwords you were originally given for whichever version you are installing.




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